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The Bill Shreeve Jazz Band IS Jazz at its finest, featuring Bill Shreeve on soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, flute and wind synthesizer. A three to seven piece band featuring a powerful combination of seasoned jazz musicians well known in San Diego for it's funky latin jazz sound. The Bill Shreeve Jazz Band provides an exciting focus for night clubs, weddings, parties of all kinds, corporate events, even as a draw for shopping malls.

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Sometimes a smaller jazz group is a better choice for more intimate gatherings. So the band is available in various configurations from a quintet down to a solo piano, guitar, or saxophone. These smaller groups can achieve a more traditional sound with the use of an acoustic grand piano and an upright bass. Almost any important cocktail hour or dinner is significantly enhanced with the backdrop of a soft, elegant jazz trio or quartet playing mellow standards, bossa novas and ballads.

The band features a large repertoire of classics and contempoary compositions by Kenny G., David Sanborn, Pat Metheny, Gerald Albright, Dave Grusin, Earl Klugh, Richard Elliot, Bob James (to name a few), as well as original tunes by Bill Shreeve. All songs are carefully chosen gems which are sure to please even the most demanding audiences. Then add hot vocal songs by Anita Baker, Basia, Al Jareau, and many others and you have a jazz group of formidable power and diversity.

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When a smaller ensemble is required, consider the Bill Shreeve Duo featuring fine instrumental jazz with Bill Shreeve on saxes and flute accompanied by either guitar or keyboards. Beautiful jazz interpretations of Brazilian, Latin and Swing standards . Perfect for more intimate events where space or budget is a consideration. This is one of our most popular configurations!

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Take Five
Spring Aint Here
Linda Chicana
My Foolish Heart
Until You Come Back
Here's That Rainy Day
City Streets
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Body and Soul

Each entertainment option includes some of the very finest musicians from San Diego. All band members are both excellent jazz musicians and top players of Pop, R&B, Rock and dance styles. The result is first-rate music for your event. All musicians are excellent music readers which allows for complex arrangements that sound like the original songs you know and love. You can rest assured that every effort has been made by all of the band's musicians to insure top quality music every time

Your event experience is paramount! You shouldn't have to worry about the entertainment. With Bill Shreeve Music Productions, you don't have to. We have built a track record of professionalism mixed with high quality entertainment. The band arrives on time, wears appropriate attire, exhibits professional conduct both on stage and during breaks. We have a great time performing and communicate this to the audience through our music.

Bil Shreeve Music Productions' client list includes some of the most prestigious names in business. They are all satisfied customers and you will be too.

This band's attire can be customized to suit your event:
Tuxedos (formal)
Coat & Tie
Dark suit w/banded collar shirt
All black (slacks & long sleeve shirts)
California Theme (white or black pants with Hawaiian shirts)
You determine

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Its all about the sound. A great band with a terrible sound system sounds like a terrible band. A top quality audio experience is what a band is all about. Bill Shreeve Jazz Band has taken great pains and spared no expense to create state-of-the-art sound for groups of 20 to 2,000!

In most settings, the Bill Shreeve Jazz Band uses class-A compact amplification that does not require a large area. In larger situations we bring Mackie CR-1604-VLZ and Allen and Heath Mixwizard 16 channel mixers, (2) Crown K-2 (2,500 watt stereo power amps), Klipsch and JBL speakers (up to 8 15-inch main speakers for larger jobs), and Klipsch 18" hi powered subwoofers bi-amped with active crossovers. The system delivers clean transparent and extremely accurate sound reproduction from small venues at low volume to large outdoor events at concert volume levels. A compact disk player maintains the musical ambiance during band breaks. A wireless microphone is available for announcements and Bill Shreeve will MC your event at no extra charge.

Stage Lighting:
If lighting is required and space is available, a professional lighting system is available for an additional $200.00

When the lights go down for dinning and dancing, even a live band loses most or all of its visual appeal without proper stage lighting. However, an exciting light show will create a deeper and more lasting impression of the musical experience for the audience. Professional stage lighting is affordable! Now Aire Play not only sounds great, it's visual presentation is significantly enhanced with professional stage lighting.

Lighting System includes:
• 2,400 watts lighting power
• 16 different lighting scenes
• eight professional par cans with colored gels
• audio controlled or free run progressive chase
• fade or quick change to different scenes or to black out
• system requires only a single 20 amp circuit
• attractive professional appearance.

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